“You can’t download a live musical experience.”

Playing live is one of my favourite things about being a musician. Filling a space with music and interacting with all influences of a locations character is a great challenge over and over again. To fulfill these very unique needs of any event, highlighting a special moment, connecting with an audience, improvising live and let happen what is needed to take the audience on this very special trip.

Music tops off every event. Here are some of my actual projects:

Erika Foramitti & Markus Holzer-Rappoldt

I’m pleased to offer you a duo performance with the magnificent austrian jazz singer Erika Foramitti. Our program begins with jazz & blues and melts with delicate popular hits from the 1950’s and up. Setlists are created for jazz clubs, bars, and all kinds of celebrations and venues.


Sardinia (Italy), Cala Gonone, Iris Music Café
July 2017

Austria, Emmersdorf, Rottenhof Castle Concerts
April 2017

40PM – the hottest funk & rock highlights of the last 50 years

This energetic band project rocks it all out and funks up your event! Looking for an impulsive live act? The instrumentation of two vocalists (f/m) and a rhythm section with two guitars, keyboard, bass guitar and drums offers a wide range of powerful repertoire to get your hips moving.

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More Live Music


At the same time, playing session gigs in different projects, bands and orchestras is another wonderful component of my work as musician, as well as a great artistic exchange on stage.

Farhan Live @MTV unplugged,
India, Gurgaon
December 2017

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Highlights Party Band Austria

Elizabeth Constance

Modern Indie-Pop with stunning vocalist Stefanie Mayer. 

Musica Spontana chamber orchestra (Lead guitar)
Austria, Pöchlarn, 750 years township celebration
June 2017

My individual language on Solo Guitar

In between the work with other musicians I’m creating my individual solo program for guitar. I’m focusing on blues & jazz context while adding a tasteful rock approach. Recording loops and overdubs live on stage as a foundation for themes and improvisation is a challenging way of performing live. You can follow a musician during recording and arranging processes, without any form of previous editing, leading to an extensive composition, including improvised parts that offers a unique, nonrepetitive performance and very special experience for the audience. Be curious!!

My home base is in Austria, but I also love to play gigs worldwide. For bookings outside of Austria please contact us timely in advance.